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A Time to Gather with Friends & Family

Gathering with Friends & Family at Walden Monterey

At Walden Monterey, we believe the dinner table is a great way to connect with family and friends. In addition to enjoying a delicious dish, you’ll also have the opportunity to catch up with the people most important to you. Yet despite its benefits, more than half of Americans say they’re having fewer family dinners than they did during their childhood.

Why has it become so difficult to enjoy dinner time?

Most people blame our devices, suggesting that the presence of such technology at the table provides distractions. While this is true, studies indicate that putting our phones away isn’t always enough, as they have trained our brains to avoid small talk. 

What to do? Focus on topics everyone can be involved in
Feel free to use a topic from a past Gathering – Sustainability, Equality, Conscious Capitalism, to name a few… 

Be accepting of all opinions & encourage participation
We believe a small group of diverse individuals creates the most interesting and engaging experiences. Never underestimate “beginners knowledge” 

Find inspiration
May we suggest Nature?

Talk about the future
Make plans, create goals, identify solutions to existing problems

Be energized
Play upbeat music, go for a walk to change scenery & digest

Views of Monterey Bay, from Walden Monterey

Why Gather?

We are passionate about the healing power of nature here at Walden Monterey. We bring people together in our private forest for trans-formative experiences. The natural surroundings inspire us to become more purposeful in our work and personal lives. Walking in the woods with our resident meditation guides, sitting in a discussion circle under our 200-year-old oak tree, and exploring ideas over a farm-to-table meal eaten in the fresh air all enhance creativity, create community, and spark exciting new projects that last long after the gathering is over.

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