Life In the Woods

A community on a small and intimate scale.

Room to roam. Art to inspire us. Idyllic places to meditate.

A group of people who think seriously about net-zero
living and a belief that we can all benefit by creating a space
that brings us closer to nature… and to ourselves.

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At a time when so many of us live our lives connected
to work or connected to our devices, maybe its time
to try something new. Maybe its time to reconnect
with ourselves, with our families and true friends and
with a larger sense of what life is really about.

Explore a community of untouched nature.

Explore yourself.


Change to – What if there were only two rules?

1. Don’t take down any trees
2. Use only renewable energy sources

The rest is up to you…

Walden Monterey challenges its perspective
residents to experience potential home-sites,
utilizing unique temporary shelters to serve as
hosts for your orientation in Nature.
A home is a very personal expression. With
that in mind, and with an understanding of the
power of architecture and design to shape a
community, we offer architects something rare
– more freedom than they’ve likely had on any
other project.

The story begins in 2016 when we gathered with
architects, designers, strategists, environmental
engineers, landscape architects, and artists to create
a new vision for a small sustainable community that
would flourish on 600 acres of the Monterey

We were fortunate to work with some of the leading
voices of our generation, and we are confident that
Walden Monterey will be stronger for having had these
invigorating and fruitful debates.


The Walden Gathering Series came together after a
challenge was made to create a purposeful platform that
would allow a private forest and a group of passionate
innovators to find inspiration from Nature to focus on
making the world better for generations to come.

600 acres on the Monterey Peninsula. 22 home sites. A
landscape that seems to dissolve the boundaries
between lot and open space. Here nature will be the
inspiration for all that we do.